24 Hour Prototypes
2 Layer, 1 Day Turnaround!

Product Design Guidelines and RestrictionsPlease contact us if you have any questions about any specification.


Only 1 and 2 Layers offered on 1 Day Turn.

Minimum/ Maximum Order Quantity

1 piece minimum, and 12 pieces maximum.


.062" (we will provide custom quote for all other thickness )

Std. Copper Overplate

Surface pattern: Nominal 1 Oz./sq foot. (0.0013" to 0.002") (33 microns to 51 microns)

Electrical Testing

Fly Probe Testing is provided at additional cost.

Min/Max Hole Size

Minimum is down to 12 mils finished hole size. Maximum is plated holes: 246 mils. Non-plated holes: 199 mils

Maximum board size

Dimensions up to 16" by 22"

Minimum Trace & Space

8 mils (0.008")

Plating on Hole walls

0.0008" to 0.0012" (20 microns to 30 microns)


We prefer 274X Extended Gerber format. If your file is not in 274X, send an Aperture file. Please see FAQ below for what files to include.

Cut-off Time

Place order by 8 AM CST and get boards on same day.


FR4, FR406, FR08, IS410


Green LPI; Please allow 10 mils clearance around pad.


HASL(Solder), No Lead Solder.

Preferred Manufacturing Criteria

Minimum air-gap of .008" (space between any two copper features) Minimum annular ring .008" (applies to both plated and non-plated holes) Minimum inner layer drill to copper spacing .013" (applies to both plated and non-plated holes)

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